10 Movies Like Thirteen to Experience Different Adolescence

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Youth is a mix of sweet and sour experiences. On the way from teenagers to adults, we will experience the warmth of friendship, sweet and bitter love, struggle in family, and the temptation of the outside world. Teenagers always get hurt in the stumble but also gain their growth. In the film Thirteen, Tracy enters the world of sex and drugs under the influence of her friends, which also brings many uncertainties to her adolescence. If you are looking for other teen movies like Thirteen, this is the right place. We are sure that each film below will provide you with a unique adolescent experience. We bring you a list of movies like Thirteen 2003!

10 Movies Like Thirteen to Experience Different Adolescence

1. Speak

2. Lady Bird 

3. The Fault in Our Stars

4. Mustang

5. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

6. Girlhood

7. The Spectacular Now

8. White Oleander

9. Booksmart

10. The Edge of Seventeen

Speak (2004) – Streaming on Fubo TV

Movies Like Thirteen: Speak IMDb Rating 7.2 English 1h 29m

other movies like Thirteen - speak - 2004

Director: Jessica Sharzer

Starring: Kristen Stewart, Elizabeth Perkins, Richard Hagerman

What it’s about: Melinda Sordino, a young teenager, feels lost, lonely, and alone when she first arrives at high school. Her schoolmates refer to her as “squealer” since she reported Andy Evans’ sexual assault on her to the authorities during a summer party. She is unwilling to disclose what happened to anybody. David Petrakis, a classmate, and Mr. Freeman, her art instructor, offer her much encouragement. Melinda learns to develop from her experiences rather than suppressing the past emotions that have left her wounded for the rest of her life as her sentiments threaten to overwhelm her.

Why it’s similar: Both Speak and Thirteen deeply depict teenagers’ complex emotions and growth in facing difficulties and self-discovery. They explore teenagers’ struggles and resilience in the face of pressure, isolation, and social expectations in a real and profound way.

Review: Speak is a film based on Laurie Halse Anderson‘s novel of the same name, which received positive reviews from the industry upon its release. The film explored issues of teenage mental health and sexual assault in a realistic and insightful way and was praised for its sensitive subject matter and outstanding performance. Although the subject matter of Speak is not light-hearted, its depth and authenticity resonated with the audience.

Lady Bird (2017) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Movies Like Thirteen: Lady Bird IMDb Rating 7.4 English 1h 34m

movies like Thirteen 2003-lady bird-2017

Director: Greta Gerwig

Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, Tracy Letts

What it’s about: Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson is a high school rebel who can’t wait to graduate and leave her family behind. Her father normally just keeps out of most situations since he doesn’t enjoy conflict. Although her mother, Marion, loves her, she can occasionally be forceful in her parenting. The story follows her as she advances from being one of the less popular girls at school through two relationships with boys and becoming one of the popular kids. While also causing her problems at home with her family.

Why it’s similar: Both films focus on the growth and exploration of teenage women and their complicated relationships with their mothers. Whether it’s the heroine Kristen Wiig’s pursuit of self-identity and independence in Lady Bird or the challenges Tracy experienced in adolescent rebellion and loss in Thirteen, these two films all show the mental journey of young women facing social pressure and self-discovery truly and profoundly.

Review: This is a soulful coming-of-age film for its authentic, warm, and humorous narrative style. Director Greta Gerwig presents a moving story of self-discovery and family relationships. Lady Bird also appeals to a broad audience, especially those interested in true-to-life stories.

The Fault in Our Stars (2014) – Streaming on Disney+, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Movies Like Thirteen: The Fault in Our Stars IMDb Rating 7.7 English 2h 6m

teen movies like Thirteen-the fault in our stars-2014

Director: Josh Boone

Starring: Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Nat Wolff

What it’s about: Hazel Grace, a 17-year-old who has lung cancer, must always carry an oxygen tank with her. Hazel attends a cancer support group under the arrangement of her mother. But when Hazel meets Gus, an 18-year-old cancer patient who lost part of one leg but appears to have recovered, they fall in love. Hazel introduces Gus to her favorite book and shares her dream of speaking with the author, Peter Van Houten, who resides in Amsterdam, about the book’s conclusion. Van Houten responds to Gus’ message via his assistant and extends an invitation for them to visit him in Amsterdam.

Why it’s similar: The Fault in Our Stars and Thirteen focus on the growth and struggles of teenagers and their journey through illness, family issues, and self-identity. Both films depict the emotional experiences and inner struggles of teenagers in a true and profound way, presenting rich and complex character relationships.

Review: Based on John Green’s novel of the same name, the film presents a profound love story between two cancer patients in a delicate and true manner. The touching story touched the hearts of audiences, making it a much-loved and cherished love classic.

Mustang (2015) – Streaming on MUBI, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Movies Like Thirteen: Mustang IMDb Rating 7.6 English 1h 37m

movies like Thirteen on Netflix-mustang-2015

Director: Deniz Gamze Ergüven

Starring: Günes Sensoy, Doga Zeynep Doguslu, Tugba Sunguroglu

What it’s about: Late spring. Lale and her four sisters lead a happy life in northern Turkey. Their play’s immorality sparks a scandal with unintended repercussions. The family home gradually becomes a jail; homemaking classes replace education, and marriages begin to be planned. The five sisters discover methods to get beyond their restrictions since they all have a strong desire for independence. Let’s dive into other movies like Thirteen!

Why it’s similar: The two films discuss the growth and self-discovery of teenage women, deeply exploring the challenges and pressures that women face in conservative societies. The protagonists struggle with adolescent rebellion and family constraints and pursue freedom and independence. At the same time, the two films also emphasize sisterhood and unity between women.

Review: Mustang delicately and realistically depicts the growth and struggle of five sisters in conservative Turkish society. It shows women’s brave resistance to tradition and oppression and successfully creates a story full of power and warmth.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Movies Like Thirteen: The Perks of Being a Wallflower IMDb Rating 7.9 English 1h 43m

movies like Thirteen-The Perks of Being a Wallflower-2012

Director: Stephen Chbosky

Starring: Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, Ezra Miller

What it’s about: Charlie faces desperate bullying in high school as a freshman. He pushes himself to engage in school activities even though he just wants to get through high school because he fears relapsing into his melancholy. The out-of-the-ordinary teen is taken under the wing by a few seniors and is overjoyed to have friends once more. However, they lead Charlie to enjoy drugs, sex, and the party.

Why it’s similar: Both films show their protagonists’ shared experiences of adolescent rebellion, self-discovery, and family issues. They depict teenagers’ confusion about identity, friendship, and love, as well as the challenges and pressures they face in the family environment, allowing the audience to understand and feel the psychological struggles and growth of adolescence from different perspectives.

Review: Based on Stephen Chbosky’s novel of the same name, the film touched the hearts of audiences with its deep emotions and realistic character portrayals. With an excellent script adaptation, the director also successfully presents the psychological and emotional world of teenagers on the screen.

Girlhood (2014) – Streaming on Hoopla, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Movies Like Thirteen: Girlhood IMDb Rating 7.0 French 1h 53m

Director: Céline Sciamma

Starring: Karidja Touré, Assa Sylla, Lindsay Karamoh

What it’s about: Marieme, a 16-year-old African-French girl, has had enough of her terrible home life, which her elder brother runs because her mother is often at work. A group of girls who are completely different from her she meets and befriends. They picked fights with other females and wore the newest makeup and clothing. After meeting new people, Marieme starts acting violently and stealing to blend in with her new group and finally leaves her harsh family. The gang is a beacon of support for one another, and they have a sisterhood relationship despite stealing and fighting other people. It is an inspiring one in movies like Thirteen.

Why it’s similar: Girlhood and Thirteen profoundly explore the challenges and dilemmas faced by adolescent women. Whether the protagonist Mary in Girlhood searches for freedom and identity in the urban ghetto or Tracy in Thirteen struggles with adolescent rebellion, they deliver touching stories about the complexities and psychological transformations of female growth.

Review: The film shows a teenage woman’s journey of growth and self-discovery in an urban slum. Director Céline Sciamma presents the emotional world and inner struggle of the protagonist, Marieme.

The Spectacular Now (2013) – Streaming on Max, rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Movies Like Thirteen: The Spectacular Now IMDb Rating 7.0 English 1h 35m

Director: James Ponsoldt

Starring: Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley, Kyle Chandler

What it’s about: Sutter Keely is a charismatic, self-assured high school senior who loves to party and has no future plans. He never leaves his enormous, whiskey-fortified thirst-master cup and is a growing alcoholic. Sutter gets drunk on a lawn with Aimee Finicky watching over him after getting abandoned by his girlfriend. She stands out as the “nice girl” who enjoys science fiction but doesn’t date. They are pulled together despite the fact that Sutter lives in the magnificent fantasy of a fantastic present while Aimee dreams of a future.

Why it’s similar: The two films share the same theme of growth and self-discovery of teenagers but portray the psychological and emotional changes of the protagonists from different perspectives. They all present the psychological growth and emotional experiences of teenagers in a real and touching way.

Review: The Spectacular Now is considered a mature and engaging coming-of-age film. Director James Ponsoldt won praise from the audience for his delicate narrative and emotional expression, and the outstanding performances starring Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley also received unanimous praise.

White Oleander (2002) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Movies Like Thirteen: White Oleander IMDb Rating 7.1 English 1h 49m

Director: Peter Kosminsky

Starring: Michelle Pfeiffer, Renée Zellweger, Robin Wright

What it’s about: Astrid is a fifteen-year-old girl in California, and her mother, Ingrid, is afflicted with borderline personality disorder. Their life is fulfilling up until the day Barry Kolker enters it. Ingrid falls head over heels in love with him but ends up having her heart shattered and her life wrecked. Ingrid kills Barry with the fatal venom of the White Oleander.

Why it’s similar: The challenges and dilemmas female teenagers face as they grow up are a common theme in both films. Both films capture the truth in authentic and touching ways and describe the complexity and psychological changes of female growth.

Review: The film is adapted from Janet Fitch‘s novel of the same name, successfully bringing the complex mother-daughter relationship and the theme of growth to the screen. Through its profound plot and powerful acting, the film has become a popular literary film, presenting the audience with a moving story about love, betrayal, and self-discovery.

Booksmart (2019) – Rent or buy on Amazon Video, Apple TV

Movies Like Thirteen: Booksmart IMDb Rating 7.1 English 1h 42m

Director: Olivia Wilde

Starring: Kaitlyn Dever, Beanie Feldstein, Jessica Williams

What it’s about: Academic powerhouses and close buddies On the eve of their high school graduation, Amy and Molly realize that they should have studied less and partied more since, even though their stellar grades got them into prestigious institutions, their friends who partied hard got into the same colleges. When they learn of a crazy party, the two girls pack four years of excitement into one night.

Why it’s similar: Booksmart and Thirteen highlight teenagers’ complex psychological and emotional experiences as they explore themselves, build friendships, and deal with external expectations. Despite their different directing styles, they reflect the diverse challenges and changes teenage girls face on their growth path.

Review: Director Olivia Wilde portrayed the crazy adventures of two top students on the eve of their high school graduation with her keen perspective and innovative narrative techniques. The wonderful performances of Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein also added a lot to the film.

The Edge of Seventeen (2016) – Streaming on Netflix, rent or buy on Amazon Video

Movies Like Thirteen: The Edge of Seventeen IMDb Rating 7.3 English 1h 44m

Director: Kelly Fremon Craig

Starring: Hailee Steinfeld, Haley Lu Richardson, Blake Jenner

What it’s about: This is one of the movies like Thirteen on Netflix. Junior high school student Nadine Franklin tells her instructor, Mr. Bruner, that she intends to end her life. She lives in the Portland suburbs. When Nadine is seven years old, she finds out that her mother, Mona, prefers her brother, Darian. Nadine’s friendships with her father and closest friend, Krista, who is just 13 years old, give her confidence. However, after a car accident, Nadine’s father dies of a heart attack. Nadine’s life changes drastically once her father passes away.

Why it’s similar: Both films show the confusion, rebellion, and challenges of growing up through the perspectives of their heroines. The two films both truly and touchingly reflect the multiple challenges and emotional changes that teenagers face on their road to growth.

Review: The plot arrangement and dialogues in the film are full of life details and realism, allowing the audience to resonate with the protagonist. Hailee Steinfeld interprets the role of Nadine brilliantly, and her performance is not only moving but also makes people feel distressed by her emotional experience.

Conclusion: In Thirteen, we witness Tracy and Evie’s friendship. The two classmates experienced a series of rebellious adventures. After reading this post, we hope you have found your favorite coming-of-age movies, like Thirteen, about the inevitable chaos of adolescence.

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