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For fans of “A Bronx Tale,” the allure of crime dramas lies in their ability to blend raw storytelling with deep moral quandaries and richly drawn characters. “A Bronx Tale” stands out for exploring family ties, loyalty, and the difficult choices faced in a world overshadowed by organized crime. If you enjoyed it, then you’re in for a cinematic treat. Here, we’ve curated a list of nine exceptional crime movies like A Bronx Tale that offer a gripping look into the underworld. Each film provides a unique lens on crime and its far-reaching consequences. Follow this post and explore other excellent crime movies with us!

9 Best Crime Movies Like A Bronx Tale




Pulp Fiction

The Outsiders

The Wanderers

Donnie Brasco

Boss of Bosses

American Gangster

Casino (1995)

What it’s about: “Casino” chronicles the rise and fall of Sam “Ace” Rothstein, a meticulous casino operator with mob ties in 1970s-80s Las Vegas. Ace runs the Tangiers Casino with his hot-headed enforcer, Nicky Santoro. Tensions escalate as Ace marries beautiful but troubled Ginger McKenna, who brings chaos to his life. Corruption, greed, and betrayal unravel their fortunes: Nicky’s violent antics draw FBI attention, Ginger spirals into addiction, and Ace’s empire collapses.

Why it’s similar: “A Bronx Tale” and “Casino” both feature Robert De Niro in key roles, with him directing and starring in “A Bronx Tale” and playing a leading role in Martin Scorsese’s “Casino.” They delve into the fascinating world of the criminal underworld, centered around Italian-American communities. In “A Bronx Tale,” we see the impact of a local mob boss on a young boy’s life in the 1960s Bronx, while “Casino” offers a deeper exploration of the Mafia’s grip on Las Vegas casinos during the ’70s and ’80s. In addition, with a realistic style and insightful narration, these movies offer compelling character dynamics and memorable performances, making them quintessential crime dramas.

Sleepers (1996)

What it’s about: Four childhood friends are in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. After a prank goes wrong, they are sent to a brutal reform school where they suffer abuse from the guards, notably Nokes. Years later, two of them, now hardened criminals, kill Nokes in a chance encounter. The remaining two friends, a lawyer, and a journalist use the murder trial to expose the abuses they suffered. They manipulate the legal system, leading to their friends’ acquittal and the corrupt guards’ downfall. Don’t miss A Bronx Tale movies like it!

Why it’s similar: Both films depict the impact of crime and morality on young lives, showing how early experiences and strong father figures, like Lorenzo and Father Bobby (both played by Robert De Niro), shape their futures. Themes of justice, both legal and personal, run deep as the characters face moral dilemmas and the long-lasting consequences of their choices. From the trauma and growth resulting from their environments to the powerful influence of mentors and father figures, these movies vividly illustrate how the complexities of youth and the search for justice shape their paths in life.

Goodfellas (1990)

What it’s about: “Goodfellas,” directed by Martin Scorsese, follows Henry Hill as he rises within the mob, capturing his life from the 1950s to the 1980s. Starting as a young man influenced by the allure of the mob, Henry partners with James “Jimmy” Conway and Tommy DeVito, engaging in heists and violent crime. His marriage to Karen complicates as his criminal life expands. The film spirals through betrayal, paranoia, and drug addiction, leading to Henry’s eventual arrest and turning informant to avoid prison.

Why it’s similar: Like “A Bronx Tale,” “Goodfellas” is set in mid-20th century New York and captures the vibrant atmosphere and cultural dynamics of the 1950s through the 1970s. They explore the significant impact of the Mafia on individual lives, focusing on young protagonists who become entangled in the criminal world. “A Bronx Tale” follows Calogero, a boy caught between his caring father’s honest values and the enticing, yet dangerous, influence of a local mob boss, Sonny. Similarly, “Goodfellas” depicts Henry Hill’s rise in the Mafia, guided by seasoned criminals like Jimmy Conway, while grappling with the consequences of his personal and family life. Through these intertwined narratives, the films offer a compelling exploration of crime, family, and personal growth within the backdrop of organized crime.

Pulp Fiction (1994)

What it’s about: “Pulp Fiction” weaves multiple interconnected crime stories in Los Angeles. Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield are hitmen recovering a briefcase for their boss, Marsellus Wallace. Vincent takes Marsellus’ wife, Mia, out and revives her after a heroin overdose. Boxer Butch Coolidge double-crosses Marsellus by not throwing a fight, leading to a violent encounter with perverse criminals. The film threads non-linear narratives involving redemption, betrayal, and moral dilemmas. These intersect through quirky dialogues, dark humor, and unexpected violence, creating a Quentin Tarantino cult classic movie like A Bronx Tale.

Why it’s similar: “A Bronx Tale” follows a young boy named Calogero who is torn between his honest, hardworking father and a charismatic local mob boss. Similarly, “Pulp Fiction” weaves non-linear tales of hitmen, a boxer, and other criminals, each grappling with ethical dilemmas. Both stories feature characters undergoing significant personal growth and transformation, influenced by strong mentor-like figures. While “A Bronx Tale” showcases the relationship between Calogero and his two father figures, “Pulp Fiction” presents unconventional mentorships, such as the guidance between hitmen Jules and Vincent. The films also highlight complex, multi-dimensional characters that defy simple moral categorization, and both boast strong ensemble casts. Moreover, both films place a strong emphasis on memorable, dialogue-driven storytelling. Each film has left a lasting impact, becoming cultural touchstones that resonate with audiences.

The Outsiders (1983)

What it’s about: Based on S.E. Hinton’s novel, it follows two rival teen gangs, the Greasers and the Socs, in 1960s Tulsa, Oklahoma. The story centers on Ponyboy Curtis and Johnny Cade, members of the Greasers. The boys hide after a violent altercation where Johnny kills a Soc named Bob to defend Ponyboy. They eventually return to face consequences, but a climactic rumble between the gangs escalates tensions. Johnny’s subsequent death deeply impacts the characters, especially Ponyboy, leading to reflections on violence, class struggle, and brotherhood.

Why it’s similar: Similar to “A Bronx Tale,” “The Outsiders” is anchored around young male protagonists growing up under complex socioeconomic conditions. In “A Bronx Tale,” Calogero grew up in a working-class neighborhood in the Bronx during the 1960s, caught between his honest, hardworking father and a charismatic mob boss. Similarly, in “The Outsiders,” Ponyboy is a teenager from the poorer East Side in 1960s Tulsa, grappling with the violent tension between his gang, the Greasers, and their wealthier rivals, the Socs. Besides, both movies focus on class struggles, showcasing the impact of socioeconomic disparities on youth and highlighting how crucial these relationships are for their sense of identity and belonging. With violence and crime in both stories, “A Bronx Tale” portrays mob-related violence, and “The Outsiders” focuses on gang conflicts that lead to serious consequences.

The Wanderers (1979)

What it’s about: “The Wanderers” centers around a teenage Italian-American gang called The Wanderers in the Bronx. The film follows Richie, the gang’s leader, as he navigates rivalries with other gangs, romantic entanglements, and the challenges of adolescence. Critical events mark the narrative, such as confrontations with hostile groups and crucial personal choices. As the gang faces disbandment and the characters prepare for adulthood, the film captures a nostalgic and turbulent snapshot of youth, friendship, and the changing social landscape of the era.

Why it’s similar: “A Bronx Tale” and “The Wanderers” revolve around the lives of young men coming of age in New York City’s Bronx neighborhoods during the 1960s. They delve into the gritty realities of gang life, where loyalty and brotherhood define much of the character’s identities and day-to-day existence. Additionally, both movies explore the protagonist’s struggle to navigate the pull between family values and the allure of gang affiliations. In “A Bronx Tale,” young Calogero is torn between the teachings of his honest, hardworking father and the glamorous, dangerous life of a local mob boss, Sonny. Similarly, “The Wanderers” focuses on Richie and his gang as they face territorial rivalries and personal dilemmas in their ethnically diverse neighborhood. Racial tensions are a common thread, with both films addressing issues of prejudice and interracial relationships.

Donnie Brasco (1997)

What it’s about: FBI Agent Joe Pistone goes undercover as “Donnie Brasco” to infiltrate the Mafia. He bonds deeply with mobster Lefty Ruggiero, who mentors him, unaware of his true identity. As Donnie rises in the Mafia’s ranks, the lines between his duty and loyalty blur, straining his marriage and endangering his life. The operation’s success leads to significant Mafia convictions but leaves Donnie grappling with guilt over Lefty’s likely fate. The film explores themes of loyalty, identity, and the personal cost of undercover work.

Why it’s similar: The two similar movies both delve into the world of the Mafia, showcasing organized crime’s influence on individual lives. In “A Bronx Tale,” young Calogero is torn between his hardworking father and a charismatic mobster named Sonny, who becomes his mentor. “Donnie Brasco” follows FBI agent Joe Pistone, who goes undercover as Donnie Brasco and forms a deep bond with mobster Lefty Ruggiero, blurring his sense of duty and loyalty. They also highlight the personal sacrifices and family strains experienced by those entangled in this dangerous world. Lastly, each film ends on a tragic note, with key characters facing dire consequences due to their mafia ties, underscoring the harsh realities of a life of crime.

Boss of Bosses (2001)

movies like A Bronx Tale-Boss of Bosses-2001

What it’s about: “Boss of Bosses” is a biographical crime drama that chronicles the rise and fall of Paul Castellano, a real-life Mafia boss who eventually becomes the head of the Gambino crime family in New York City. The film begins with Castellano’s ascent through the ranks of the Mafia, showcasing his cunning, ruthlessness, and strategic mind. As he garners more power, internal conflicts and rivalries escalate. His leadership style and decisions alienate key members, culminating in his dramatic assassination outside a steakhouse in 1985, orchestrated by John Gotti. Boss of Bosses is undoubtedly one of the movies like A Bronx Tale.

Why it’s similar: In “A Bronx Tale,” the story revolves around a young boy named Calogero, who is torn between the honest values taught by his hardworking bus driver father and the alluring, yet dangerous, world of the Mafia represented by the charismatic local mob boss, Sonny. Similarly, “Boss of Bosses” chronicles the life of Paul Castellano, a real-life Mafia boss whose rise and fall within the Gambino crime family. Both movies emphasize the impact of Mafia influence on younger generations and depict the moral and ethical dilemmas faced by those involved in or affected by organized crime. Additionally, Chazz Palminteri plays crucial roles in both films—portraying Sonny in “A Bronx Tale” and Paul Castellano in “Boss of Bosses.” Through their exploration of violence, power dynamics, and strong performances, both movies provide a compelling look at the complexities of Mafia life.

American Gangster (2007)

movies like A Bronx Tale-American Gangster-2007

What it’s about: “American Gangster” follows the rise and fall of Frank Lucas, a Harlem drug lord who establishes a heroin empire by smuggling drugs directly from Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. His innovative approach results in pure, affordable heroin, making him wealthy and powerful. Richie Roberts, an honest and dedicated detective, investigates Lucas and eventually brings him to justice. The film contrasts Lucas’s criminal ingenuity with Roberts’s integrity, ultimately showcasing Lucas’s cooperation with authorities to expose widespread corruption.

Why it’s similar: “A Bronx Tale” and “American Gangster” are two films that share striking similarities while telling different stories. Both movies delve into organized crime, focusing on the rise and fall of their central criminals: Sonny in “A Bronx Tale” and Frank Lucas in “American Gangster.” Additionally, both films also confront racial and social tensions, with “A Bronx Tale” focusing on racial divisions in the Bronx and Frank Lucas, an African-American man, dominating a predominantly white-controlled crime world in “American Gangster.” Additionally, both movies are inspired by real-life experiences and characters, with “A Bronx Tale” reflecting Chazz Palminteri’s upbringing and “American Gangster” based on the life of Frank Lucas. Most importantly, themes of loyalty and betrayal showcase the intricate and often tragic consequences of a life rooted in crime.

Conclusion: These nine crime movies, like A Bronx Tale, provide a unique perspective on the world of crime, from the gritty streets to the personal battles fought within. Whether you’re drawn to intense character studies, intricate plot twists, or the exploration of ethical dilemmas, these films will satisfy your craving for gripping crime dramas. Embark on a journey and immerse yourself in the dark, compelling worlds with them! If you want to have more discussions with other movie fans, you can also turn to movies like A Bronx Tale Reddit.

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