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Anything But You, a romantic comedy partially inspired by Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, was one of the biggest surprises in 2023. Stars Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell gave scorching performances in the film. In this movie, Bea and Ben meet again by chance during an Australian wedding. And they act like a couple, just like any two responsible adults would. With a $200 million global movie office haul, this romantic comedy became the highest-grossing Shakespearean adaption ever. If you are a fan of it and looking for other movies like Anyone But You, follow this post, and let’s explore now!

9 Best Movies Like Anyone But You

  1. Ibiza
  2. Rye Lane
  3. Set It Up
  4. The Proposal
  5. Palm Springs
  6. Just Go With It
  7. The Wedding Singer
  8. Can’t Buy Me Love
  9. Much Ado About Nothing

Ibiza (2018)

What it’s about: Harper is a New Yorker who travels to Barcelona on a business trip. Persuaded by her friends Leah and Nikki, she detours to Ibiza to find a famous DJ, Leo West (Richard Madden), with whom she has an instant connection. The trio encounters wild parties, personal mishaps, and unexpected romance as their adventure unfolds. Harper wrestles with balancing her professional responsibilities and the spontaneous allure of fun and love, leading to personal growth.

Why it’s similar: “Anyone But You” and “Ibiza” share several common elements that make them enjoyable romantic comedies. Both films focus on themes of love, relationships, and personal growth, all delivered with a good dose of humor. Set in visually striking locations—Australia for “Anyone But You” and the vibrant nightlife of Barcelona and Ibiza for “Ibiza”—they offer an adventurous and escapist vibe. Both stories revolve around unexpected romantic relationships: “Anyone But You” sees two characters who initially dislike each other fall in love, while “Ibiza” follows a work trip that turns into a romantic adventure with a charismatic DJ. Strong friendships are crucial in both films, providing humor and support to the leads. Most importantly, the protagonists experience significant personal growth in movies like Anyone But You.

Rye Lane (2023)

What it’s about: Yas and Dom, two twenty-somethings, navigate a heartbreak in South London. After a chance encounter in a public restroom, they spend the day together, bonding over their recent breakups and personal struggles. Their initial awkwardness becomes a genuine connection as they roam the vibrant Rye Lane area. The film captures the unique charm of South London’s communities and street life through humorous and heartfelt moments. Yas and Dom find themselves reconsidering their pasts and contemplating fresh starts by day’s end.

Why it’s similar: Both released in 2023, the two films’ protagonists navigate the ups and downs of their love lives, including dealing with recent breakups and emotional struggles. These movies balance humor and heartfelt moments, giving audiences laughter and deeper emotional resonance. In “Rye Lane,” Yas and Dom meet while recovering from past relationships, and their day spent together in the lively, culturally rich area of South London allows them to bond and heal. Similarly, “Anyone But You” features protagonists grappling with romantic entanglements. These films use vibrant urban settings to create an immersive experience that underscores the characters’ experiences. With lighthearted tones, both “Anyone But You” and “Rye Lane” enjoyably tackle serious emotional issues, making them relatable and captivating for a wide audience.

Set It Up (2018)

What it’s about: “Set It Up” is a romantic comedy about two overworked and underappreciated assistants, Harper and Charlie, who team up to trick their demanding bosses, Kirsten and Rick, into falling in love. They believe that their workloads will lighten if their bosses are romantically involved. As their elaborate plans unfold, Harper and Charlie develop a connection themselves. Despite setbacks and misunderstandings, their scheming ultimately leads them to discover what they truly want in their lives and each other, blending humor and romance in a modern workplace setting.

Why it’s similar: “Anyone But You” and “Set It Up” are strikingly similar in many ways, making them both appealing romantic comedies. These films primarily hinge on workplace environments, where the main characters are entangled in professional and personal dilemmas. In “Set It Up,” two overworked assistants plan to set up their demanding bosses to lighten their workloads. During the process, they develop feelings for each other. Simply put, Set It Up is an engaging movie like Anyone But You for viewers to watch.

The Proposal (2009)

What it’s about: Margaret Tate is a high-powered book editor facing deportation to Canada. She forces her assistant, Andrew Paxton, into a fake engagement to avoid this. They travel to his hometown in Alaska to meet his quirky family and convince immigration officials their relationship is real. Amidst humorous and heartfelt situations, Margaret and Andrew’s initial animosity softens, leading to genuine emotions. As their plan unravels, they confront their feelings, realizing they no longer have to fake love. The film concludes with a proposal, this time, for real. If you are interested in this plot, do not miss Anyone But You movies like it!

Why it’s similar: They are two similar and classic rom-com movies. In “The Proposal,” the story revolves around a powerful executive, Margaret, who fakes an engagement with her assistant, Andrew, to avoid deportation. The plot leads to humorous and heartfelt moments as their relationship evolves amidst family antics in picturesque Alaska. Similarly, “Anyone But You” involves a pretend relationship that turns real, showcasing character growth. Both films emphasize the power of love, blending comedic situations with emotional depth and making the stories engaging. Whether it’s facing immigration challenges or navigating a fake romance, both movies ultimately highlight how love can bring out the best in people, offering viewers laughs and heartfelt moments.

Palm Springs (2020)

What it’s about: Nyles and Sarah meet at a wedding in Palm Springs. They find themselves trapped in a time loop, reliving the same day endlessly. Initially, they indulge in hedonistic behaviors, knowing the day resets. However, as their relationship deepens, they grapple with existential questions and personal issues. Together, they seek a way to break free from the loop, exploring scientific and emotional solutions. Ultimately, their journey becomes a story of love, self-discovery, and hope for a future beyond the day’s repetition.

Why it’s similar: “Anyone But You” and “Palm Springs” focus on developing unique and unconventional love stories. In “Palm Springs,” Nyles and Sarah’s relationship blossoms under the extraordinary circumstance of being stuck in a time loop, leading them to bond over their shared, repetitive experience. Similarly, “Anyone But You” might feature characters who draw close to a challenging situation. Both films use humor to explore relationships, personal growth, and emotional connections, making them feel lighthearted yet meaningful. Whether under fantastical conditions or real-world eccentricities, these films highlight how love can flourish in the most unexpected ways.

Just Go With It (2011)

movies like Anyone But You-just go with it-2011

What it’s about: In “Just Go With It” (2011), Adam Sandler plays Danny, a plastic surgeon who pretends to be unhappily married to attract women. When he meets Palmer (Brooklyn Decker), his dream girl, he decides to drop the lie, but she discovers his fake wedding ring. To cover up, Danny convinces his assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) to pose as his soon-to-be-divorced wife. The deception spirals as Katherine’s kids get involved, leading all of them on a trip to Hawaii. Eventually, Danny realizes he’s in love with Katherine, culminating in a romantic conclusion where truth prevails over pretense.

Why it’s similar: Both movies revolve around deception, leading to humorous and romantic complications. In “Just Go With It,” Adam Sandler’s character pretends to be married to impress a woman, dragging his assistant, played by Jennifer Aniston, into a web of lies. Similarly, “Anyone But You” also involves fake or mistaken relationships, a typical romantic comedy trope. In addition, both films rely heavily on the chemistry between the lead actors to drive the story forward. In “Just Go With It,” the relationship between Sandler and Aniston’s characters evolves as they navigate their deceit, leading to personal growth and genuine love. This sort of transformation through romance is a common theme in both movies. Additionally, both films utilize a strong supporting cast to add layers of humor and complexity to the plot; their memorable performance ensures that these films capture the quintessential charm of romantic comedies.

The Wedding Singer (1998)

Anyone But You movies like-the wedding singer-1998

What it’s about: Robbie Hart is a charming wedding singer in the 1980s who is heartbroken when his fiancée, Linda, leaves him at the altar. Struggling to move on, Robbie befriends Julia Sullivan, a kindhearted waitress engaged to the selfish and unfaithful Glenn. As Robbie helps Julia plan her wedding, the two develop a deep friendship and romantic feelings. Realizing she’s with the wrong man, Julia must decide between her fiancé and the man who truly loves her. Ultimately, Robbie and Julia confess their love and end up together.

Why it’s similar: Both “Anyone But You” and “The Wedding Singer” feature main characters who navigate romantic challenges as they discover what they truly want in a partner and life. Heartfelt plots, emotionally resonant leading roles, and memorable supporting characters add humor and depth. Both films include obstacles that the characters must overcome, leading to feel-good, happy endings where misunderstandings are resolved and true love prevails. Even if you haven’t seen the two movies, these common elements of romantic comedies give a good idea of what to expect from their stories.

Can’t Buy Me Love (1987)

romance movies like Anyone But You-can't buy me love-1987

What it’s about: This classic romance film follows high school nerd Ronald Miller, who yearns to belong to the popular crowd. He strikes a deal with cheerleader Cindy Mancini, offering her $1,000 to pose as his girlfriend for a month. Their staged romance propels Ronald to instant popularity, but he loses touch with his true friends and himself. When the ruse is exposed, Ronald faces harsh backlash but ultimately redeems himself by standing up against bullying and showing genuine care for Cindy. The film ends with Ronald and Cindy realizing they have real feelings for each other, illustrating that a genuine connection is priceless.

Why it’s similar: The two films center around the premise of fake romantic relationships that evolve into genuine emotional connections. In “Can’t Buy Me Love,” high school nerd Ronald pays the popular cheerleader Cindy to pretend to be his girlfriend to boost his social status. Similarly, in “Anyone But You,” the main characters pretend to be a couple for mutual benefits, leading to unexpected complications. Additionally, they explore transformation and social status, with characters undergoing personal growth as they navigate these false relationships. As feelings become real, the protagonists in each film learn valuable life lessons about authenticity and the importance of genuine connections over superficial appearances. Lastly, each film reflects the cultural attitudes of its time— “Can’t Buy Me Love” captures the essence of 1980s high school life, while “Anyone But You” addresses contemporary young adult issues and dynamics. Both movies underline the timeless message that true love and friendship can’t be bought, resonating with audiences across generations.

Much Ado About Nothing (1993)

movies like Anyone But You-much ado about nothing-1993

What it’s about: “Much Ado About Nothing”, directed by Kenneth Branagh, is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s play. It revolves around two love stories: Claudio and Hero fall in love at first sight and plan to marry, but the criminal Don John schemes to ruin their happiness with deceit. Meanwhile, witty rivals Beatrice and Benedick engage in a battle of wits, only to be tricked into admitting their love for each other by their friends. After misunderstandings are cleared and the villains are exposed, both couples find happiness and marry in a joyful conclusion.

Why it’s similar: “Anyone But You” and “Much Ado About Nothing” both fall into the romantic comedy genre revolving around themes of misunderstandings and deception: in “Much Ado About Nothing,” characters grapple with mistaken identities and false accusations of infidelity, while “Anyone But You” likely features romantic misunderstandings or mistaken identities. They both showcase the transformation of characters’ relationships; for instance, “Much Ado About Nothing” depicts the witty Beatrice and Benedick evolving from mutual antagonists to lovers. Humor and wit play central roles in both stories, enhancing the romantic journey for the audience. However, while “Much Ado About Nothing” is set in the classical period of Messina, Italy, with Shakespearean dialogue, “Anyone But You” is set in a contemporary context with modern language and settings. These differences aside, both movies like Anyone But You are engaging for viewers who appreciate love stories with a touch of comedy.

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