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This year, the captivating Jason Statham leads an action-packed, heart-pounding film called The Beekeeper. The movie centers on Mr. Clay, a former operative of the covert “Beekeepers” group, who returns to pursue justice for a buddy who fell victim to a phishing scam. A compelling story of betrayal and retribution emerges, exposing dark secrets hidden beneath the surface. If you enjoyed its atmospheric storytelling and the tension it builds, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy exploring other films that evoke a similar experience. This list of 9 movies like The Beekeeper 2024 shares the same thrilling essence and depth. Let’s dive into these intriguing and exciting stories!

9 Best Movies Like The Beekeeper

  1. Salt
  2. Mile 22
  3. Kill Bill
  4. Killer Elite
  5. The Protege
  6. Peppermint
  7. The Mechanic
  8. The Gray Man
  9. The Foreigner

Salt (2010)

What it’s about: “Salt” is a spy thriller starring Angelina Jolie as Evelyn Salt, a CIA officer accused of being a Russian sleeper agent. When a defector accuses her of planning to assassinate the Russian president, Salt goes on the run to clear her name and protect her husband. As she evades capture, layers of her hidden past unravel, revealing her true motivations and the intricate web of espionage she’s entangled in. The film balances action sequences with a complex narrative about loyalty and identity, leaving viewers questioning whether Salt is a hero or a traitor until the end.

Why it’s similar: Both movies feature a strong, resourceful protagonist skilled in survival and combat. Like Adam Clay, played by Jason Statham in The Beekeeper, Angelina Jolie’s character, Evelyn Salt, also embarks on a thrilling combat. Secondly, they delve into themes of espionage, hidden identities, and intricate conspiracies, with personal stakes that significantly affect the protagonist’s life. The audience experiences betrayal and loyalty, prominent in “Salt” and “The Beekeeper”. Additionally, both movies involve global threats requiring urgent and covert action, as seen in “Salt’s” plot to prevent a war between the U.S. and Russia. Beekeepers is a confidential but powerful program.

Mile 22 (2018)

What it’s about: “Mile 22” follows CIA operative James Silva and his elite team tasked with transporting a high-priority asset, Li Noor, who possesses crucial information about an imminent terror threat. To secure the data, Silva and his team must escort Noor 22 miles to an extraction point while overcoming relentless attacks from heavily armed local forces intent on stopping them. As the mission unfolds, suspense and intense action scenes drive the narrative. A brutal and unexpected twist also challenges the team’s resolve.

Why it’s similar: “The Beekeeper” and “Mile 22” share many similarities that fans of action thrillers will appreciate, starring well-known actors in lead roles, with Jason Statham headlining “The Beekeeper” and Mark Wahlberg leading in “Mile 22.” They are directed by seasoned filmmakers—David Ayer and Peter Berg, respectively—renowned for their intense, action-packed movies. Moreover, each movie centers on elite tactical teams set on high-stakes missions: in “The Beekeeper,” it is a personal, revenge-driven mission, while in “Mile 22,” it’s about transporting a valuable asset across a hostile city. Revenge and personal loss push the characters forward, which promises non-stop action scenes and expertly choreographed fights. At last, both involve covert operations and high-pressure decision-making, ensuring that viewers are kept on the edge of their seats. Fans of gritty, high-adrenaline action films will find plenty to enjoy in both movies.

Kill Bill (2003)

What it’s about: “Kill Bill: Vol. 1” (2003), directed by Quentin Tarantino, follows a former assassin known as “The Bride” (Uma Thurman) seeking revenge on her ex-boss, Bill, and his team of assassins after they betray her on her wedding day, leaving her for dead. Awakening from a four-year coma, The Bride embarks on a relentless quest for vengeance, systematically hunting down and battling each Bill’s Deadly Viper Assassination Squad member. The film features stylized violence, flashbacks, and homage to martial arts cinema. Ending on the final confrontation with Bill, Kill Bill keeps the suspense in its sequel “Vol. 2”.

Why it’s similar: As a classic movie like The Beekeeper, Kill Bill belongs to the action and revenge genres, revolving around a strong, determined character embarking on a relentless quest for vengeance against those who wronged them. The two films are celebrated for their action scenes and intense martial arts combat by building two powerful protagonists and high-energy action sequences. In addition, both would appeal to viewers who enjoy action movies centered on personal justice and themes of revenge, offering similar experiences for action movie enthusiasts.

Killer Elite (2011)

What it’s about: Danny Bryce (Jason Statham) is a retired assassin thrust back into action when his mentor Hunter (Robert De Niro) is kidnapped. A powerful Omani sheik demands Danny eliminate three former SAS operatives responsible for his sons’ deaths. As Danny hunts his targets, he faces a relentless rival, Spike (Clive Owen), who’s determined to stop him. Danny must navigate treacherous alliances and moral dilemmas to save Hunter and survive the deadly cat-and-mouse game. If you are a fan of The Beekeeper, you will also enjoy Killer Elite since it blends intense action with intricate conspiracy.

Why it’s similar: Both movies center around highly skilled protagonists drawn back into dangerous missions. “Killer Elite” follows an ex-assassin working to save his mentor, while “The Beekeeper” follows an agent in a secret organization determining to rescue endeavors. Both films captivate the viewers with combat scenes and complex conspiracies in global settings. Besides, they discuss loyalty, revenge, and morals, showing ethical dilemmas in a world of secrecy and danger. The comparison of two different missions the protagonists confront gives intense and globe-trotting adventures that define these action-packed films.

The Protege (2021)

What it’s about: “The Protege” follows Anna (Maggie Q), a highly skilled contract killer who was rescued as a child by the legendary assassin Moody (Samuel L. Jackson). When Moody is brutally murdered, Anna vows revenge and becomes entangled with an enigmatic rival assassin, Rembrandt (Michael Keaton). As Anna uncovers a conspiracy involving her past and Moody’s death, tension and attraction grow between her and Rembrandt. Ultimately, Anna must confront her darkest secrets to avenge her mentor’s death.

Why it’s similar: Both “The Beekeeper (2024)” and “The Protege (2021)” share several common themes and elements. In “The Protege,” we follow Anna, a highly skilled assassin fueled by a desire for revenge after her mentor, Moody, is murdered. The story delves into intricate conspiracies and features intense action sequences. “The Beekeeper” also centers on Adam Clay, who embarks on a personal vendetta driven by his past traumas or crimes. Both movies explore deep mentor-protege relationships, with Anna and Moody sharing a father-daughter bond, which adds emotional depth to the high-stakes action. Similarly, “The Beekeeper” includes strong supporting characters that enhance the narrative.

Peppermint (2018)

movies like The Beekeeper 2024-peppermint-2018

What it’s about: In “Peppermint,” Riley North’s husband and daughter are brutally murdered by a drug cartel. When the justice system fails her, Riley spends five years in hiding, honing her skills to become a deadly vigilante. She returns to Los Angeles determined to exact revenge on those responsible for her family’s deaths and to dismantle the criminal organization. Riley’s quest pits her against corrupt officials, law enforcement, and ruthless criminals as she systematically takes down the cartel members one by one, using her newfound prowess. Her relentless pursuit of justice turns her into a symbol of vengeance and retribution.

Why it’s similar: Two captivating revenge movies again! Both movies like The Beekeeper follow characters driven by a deep thirst for revenge following personal tragedies. In “Peppermint,” Riley North, played by Jennifer Garner, becomes a vigilante to hunt down the drug cartel responsible for the brutal murder of her family. Similarly, The Beekeeper features Jason Statham as a protagonist seeking personal retribution. Both characters take the law into their own hands, transforming from ordinary individuals into highly skilled avengers. They acquire significant combat and tactical abilities to confront and dismantle the powerful forces behind their suffering. Additionally, packed with intense action sequences and thrilling confrontations, both films captivate audiences with stories of relentless pursuit of justice outside conventional law enforcement.

The Mechanic (2011)

movies like The Beekeeper-The Mechanic-2011

What it’s about: “The Mechanic” follows Arthur Bishop, a professional hitman known for his precision and efficiency. When his mentor and close friend Harry is murdered, Arthur is assigned to eliminate him. Discovering the truth behind Harry’s death, Arthur takes on a personal revenge mission. He reluctantly mentors Harry’s son, Steve, teaching him the trade’s intricacies. As they work together, trust issues and the quest for vengeance complicate their partnership. At last, the treachery and deception lead to a deadly confrontation.

Why it’s similar: As two typical action thrillers, The Mechanic and The Beekeeper follow a similar structure since they focus on highly skilled agents who operate with precision, potentially driven by personal vendettas and moral dilemmas. Both movies explore themes of loyalty and deception through intense, well-planned action sequences. For viewers unfamiliar with these films, expect stories centered on elite specialists dealing with revenge, trust, and the blurred lines of morality in their dangerous professions.

The Gray Man (2022)

movies like The Beekeeper-The Gray Man-2022

What it’s about: “The Gray Man” is an action-thriller centered on CIA operative Court Gentry (Ryan Gosling), also known as Sierra Six. After uncovering incriminating secrets about the agency, Gentry becomes the target of a global manhunt led by his unhinged former colleague, Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans). With a bounty on his head, Gentry must navigate a relentless pursuit by international assassins and covert operatives. The film follows his daring escape across various locations while he attempts to protect a young girl, Claire (Julia Butters), and bring justice to those who framed him. It is a high-octane chase filled with espionage and intrigue.

Why it’s similar: Both “The Beekeeper” and “The Gray Man” share several key similarities. They feature central protagonists who are highly skilled in combat and espionage, navigating intense, high-stakes scenarios. Additionally, they involve professional hitmen, with “The Gray Man” focusing on elite killers within the CIA’s covert operations, and “The Beekeeper” features similar professional threats. With star-studded casts, gripping suspense, and intense action, both films offer compelling stories that follow skilled protagonists facing formidable challenges. This combination of elements ensures that even those unfamiliar with either movie can easily grasp their common threads and appeal.

The Foreigner (2017)

movies like The Beekeeper-The Foreigner-2017

What it’s about: “The Foreigner” (2017) is an action thriller that follows Quan Ngoc Minh, a London businessman whose daughter is killed in a terrorist bombing. Desperate for justice, Quan embarks on a relentless quest to find the perpetrators. His investigation leads him to Liam Hennessy, a former IRA member and now a government official, who denies any involvement but appears to know more than he admits. As Quan applies increasing pressure, he exposes a web of political intrigue and hidden agendas. The film, starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan, combines intense action with a story of grief, revenge, and political machinations.

Why it’s similar: Here are two stories about deep personal tragedy and a desire for revenge—Quan in “The Foreigner” seeks justice for his daughter’s death in a terrorist bombing, while the protagonist of “The Beekeeper” presumably follows a similar path of seeking vengeance for a significant loss. Each hero is traumatized and ventures into morally complex territory, often resorting to extreme measures in their quest. Moreover, both stories weave in elements of political intrigue or criminal conspiracies, adding layers of complexity as the heroes navigate dangerous underworlds. Ultimately, viewers can witness personal growth and relentless pursuit of justice, making both movies captivating for fans of the genre.

Conclusion: For fans who crave more intense storytelling, these 9 similar movies are sure to offer unforgettable cinematic experiences with thrilling and deeply engaging stories. Dive into these recommendations and let each movie take you on a gripping journey filled with twists, turns, and profound moments. Don’t miss out on these enthralling movies like The Beekeeper.

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